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CAAASA Cares! 
COVID-19 Resources for Educators, Parents, Caregivers, and Students

CAAASA and Partners Vaccine Events are available in various locations in CA.Registration buttons are below.
Registration is available in English and Spanish. 

To Partner with CAAASA in this effort, please read below for details or click here to download a PDF overview


UNITED - A Community Celebration Empowerment through Family, Music, and The Well-Being of Mind, Body and Soul! 

  • Community and Mental Health Support 

  • Free Dental Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments (ages 2 to 18)

  • Healthcare Screening & CPR Training

  • Free Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance

  • Free Covid-19 Boosters

  • Free Eyeglasses (bring prescription) 

  • Food Truck, Free Groceries, Diapers, and more!

Additional dates and times will be available. Click here at any time to see the full schedule.


To Partner with CAAASA in this effort, please read below for details or click here to download a PDF overview

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There is an urgency to improve the health outcomes in Southern California communities, specifically, the African American and Latino populations. All data consistently reports that the rate of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses are found disproportionately in these communities as a result of a complex social policies that prevent equitable access to basic healthcare. The dilemma is now compounded by the COVID pandemic, which has afflicted Black and Latino communities particularly hard. The vaccination rates in California, for these communities is lower – 67% Hispanic/Latino; 59% Black -- than other populations. We now know that the severity of COVID infection increases with underlying health conditions, and with flu season upon us, the adverse effects from chronic illnesses and COVID-19 will further exacerbate health outcomes for African American and Latino communities. Given this overall health phenomena, CAAASA has joined the “Vaccinate All 58” Campaign of the California Department of Public Health and initiated CAAASA Cares.

What CAAASA Is Doing

The goal of CAAASA Cares is to provide health information and basic wellness services in Black and Latino communities. We focus our efforts on community outreach, information campaigns, and hosting health and wellness events that will ensure our communities are happy, healthy, and prepared. In collaboration with community based organizations, government agencies, and corporate entities, CAAASA hosts the events to provide information on resources available to community members and their families and provide COVID-19 vaccines. The events in collaboration with partners, also include basic health services such as high blood pressure check, prescription eyeglasses, and flu shots. The COVID-19 vaccines include the original dose and boosters, and are available for adults, youth, and children, with children ages 5 – 11 as the focus. The CAAASA Cares events are community-based, family centered events that provide the resources and services in an entertaining and engaging way by providing food, music, and incentives to those attending. All parts of the events – vaccines, food, incentives, etc. – are no cost to attendees. Our goal is to help the close the vaccination gap and help Black and Latino communities be prepared and protected.

Where Its Working

CAAASA focuses its efforts in targeted Southern California areas: Lancaster, Inland Empire, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles. The goal is to reach communities in specific areas where vaccine hesitancy is higher. We want to facilitate equity and access to the events, so information materials are prepared in English and Spanish.


CAAASA is making progress toward achieving its goal to prepare and protect residents in the African American and Latino communities, especially its most vulnerable – children. To date CAAASA Cares has held 40 events, with over 2500 individuals vaccinated. We are fortunate to partner with exceptional organizations and agencies to make a positive impact. Our partners have included: Albertsons Vons Pavilions, County of Los Angeles Public Health, Lancaster Unified School District. Baby2Baby, Power of Sight Foundation, Antelope Valley Partners for Health

Partner With CAAASA

CAAASA believes it takes a village to ensure the health and educational success of students and the viability of families and communities in which they live. With that in mind, CAAASA is continuously looking for partners who support its mission and who want to contribute to efforts that make life easier for children and families. Donations of back packs, school supplies, reading books, outerwear (coats, sweaters), tennis shoes and the like are always welcome. Additionally, grocery donations help to provide event attendees with food during the events, and/or for distribution to families. Together, we can create the village that our communities need. For information on how your business or organization can help, contact Al Bonds at

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