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2023 Summit Resources 


The Civil Rights Road to Deeper Learning: Five Essentials for Equity 
Book by Kia Darling-Hammond and Linda Darling-Hammond
 The Crisis of Connection: Roots, Consequences, and Solutions
by Niobe Way (Editor), Alisha Ali (Editor), Carol Gilligan (Editor), Pedro Noguera (Editor)
Handbook of Research on Teachers of Color and Indigenous Teachers
by Conra D. Gist (editor) (Author), Travis J. Bristol (editor) (Author)


"Rethinking Learning: What the Interdisciplinary Science Tells Us"
Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Carol D. Lee, Roy Pea, and Maxine McKinney de Royston
"Rethinking schools, rethinking learning"
Maxine McKinney de Royston, Carol Lee, Na'ilah Suad Nasir, and Roy Pea


Focusing On Equity & Attainment By Showing Up
K-12 Education Solutions | School Innovations & Achievement ...
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